Saturday, March 22, 2008


Not bringing anything fun with me for the weekend was not the brightest idea.
BUT thanks to valve/steam, i was able to find something worthwhile doing.

I tried the demo some weeks ago and was left unconvinced, being bored and having the right music that needs to go with it, changed that.

The game is basically a puzzle game meets racer that forms the racetrack out of the song you put in.
The track is different every time, the ups and downs and curves are based on the song entirely..
So a slower song is straighter and easier than a fast one..

Ive read that this game is able to change the way your thinking about the music your listening too.. and i have to say.. its kinda true.
Listening to the songs without the game still lets you see the racetrack with its ups and downs and playing the game with a song you "feel" gets you a whole new expericence.

Oh, its also only 10$

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