Monday, February 11, 2008

faces and fun facts

Trying some new faces:

On the movie side of life:
- Cloverfield is all right but nothing special and the main guy (camera man) is annoying as fuck
- Gone Baby Gone is really good
- Saw Bullit again

Also: While trying to find out how old Steve McQueen was when he died, i stumbled over some fun things:
He nearly played:
- Dirty Harry
- The guy in Breakfast at Tiffany´s
- John RAMBO

I had fun times imagining Mr. McQueen running through woods or saying "make my day!".

On that note.. Other THINGS THAT NEARLY happend:
- Kirk Douglas playing Col. Trautman in FIRST BLOOD
- Will Smith playing Neo (he turned the role down)
- Nicolas Cage playing Neo (also turned it down)

The last two are really funny if you try to imagine THE MATRIX with these both as the lead character.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

a couple of things

The end of the semester draws closer (only one week left, yay) and im looking forward to having more time for the fun things in life...

Like playing the PLAYSTATION 2!

It only took the console 9 years to get into my home, but here it is and im glad!
There are alot of games i never really played on my own and i´m willing to try them all!
The rest of the world is torn between the 360 and the ps3 while i very much enjoy god of war 1.
Being late to the party has some advantages sometimes.

Also notable and loved:

- Michael Clayton
- The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford