Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

TENGU and thoughts on games

More sketches of the tengu that would hit you with
something if they feel like it.

on gaming things:
Im desperately searching for something to play on my PC, the PS2 OR the DS.
So far, nothing i tried really screamed "finish me!"

- RED DEAD REVOLVER does some very good
and some bad things.It gets the shooting aspect really right and falls flat on things like textures, voice acting and a balanced difficulty.
Seeing unused potential or something that could have been better with some more polish is really frustrating.

- I also tried Legacy of Kain: Defiance but was slaped around by a bad camera and a save point that gets you right back to the beginning of a stage when you die (-> see bad camera).
Given the fact that the levels are really long I gently threw the controller to its place on the floor and i don't know when or IF this game will get another chance to win me over.

- I also looked into EVE ONLINE and did not want to spend one week on a tutorial
- bought X3 and its so complicated and hard to get into... I think I rather learn to play the guitar or another language

How to become a Cult Leader!

finally some usefull information on the internet!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Enders Game

Thanks to the great guys from the GFW Podcast, i was pointed to ENDERS GAME.
Normally, reading sci fi is not really on the top of my "wanted subject in a book" list.

The typical book in that genre is catered to a very specialized fan that most of the time, only reads sci fi and wants certain descriptions, character types and battle stuff.
So, although being a huge fan of sci fi television and movies, reading a book with that kind of sujet was always off to me.
BUT the recommendation from GFW and the low price point made me buy it and i started and finished it on the same day it arrived from amazon.

a quick summary taken from wikipedia

"It is set in Earth's future where mankind has barely survived two invasions by the "buggers", an insectoid alien race, and the International Fleet is preparing for war. In order to find and train the eventual commander for the anticipated third invasion, the world's most talented children, including the extraordinary Ender Wiggin, are taken into Battle School at a very young age."

And i really don't want to write more about the story.
Knowing nearly nothing helped to enjoy this book allot more i think.
Maybe because there is not REALLY much meat or maybe because the twist is easily spoiled by most of the sites.
In any case, the GREAT thing about this book is its style.
The author manages to write about space ships and technology without describing it too much,
without getting into lala- land territory.
Sci fi tends to be outdated very quickly but this book (written in 85) feels like it was written some days ago.

Enders Game is the first book of a whole series but i don't know at this point if i really want more.
It was a great experience and part of it was the mystery surrounding that universe.
Getting too much information could ruin it.

All the pretty Horses

Sunday, June 8, 2008

new sketches

more pages from the sketchbook

Sunday, June 1, 2008

instead of writing, i doodle

I´m currently writing a report on Robert Crumb for school and i kinda phased out and started doodling.

This thing was born:

Oh well..
I now know that Mr.Crumb really digs this music and that he actually said "no thanks!" to the opportunity to make an album cover for the Rolling Stones.
He was not fond of their work and didnt like the fact that they got all the girls.

Google Video has both documentarys about him online, great stuff for a lazy sunday afternoon.
-> The Confessions of Robert Crumb