Monday, June 23, 2008

TENGU and thoughts on games

More sketches of the tengu that would hit you with
something if they feel like it.

on gaming things:
Im desperately searching for something to play on my PC, the PS2 OR the DS.
So far, nothing i tried really screamed "finish me!"

- RED DEAD REVOLVER does some very good
and some bad things.It gets the shooting aspect really right and falls flat on things like textures, voice acting and a balanced difficulty.
Seeing unused potential or something that could have been better with some more polish is really frustrating.

- I also tried Legacy of Kain: Defiance but was slaped around by a bad camera and a save point that gets you right back to the beginning of a stage when you die (-> see bad camera).
Given the fact that the levels are really long I gently threw the controller to its place on the floor and i don't know when or IF this game will get another chance to win me over.

- I also looked into EVE ONLINE and did not want to spend one week on a tutorial
- bought X3 and its so complicated and hard to get into... I think I rather learn to play the guitar or another language

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