Tuesday, April 8, 2008

more finished things


I read through Jpod in a very short amount of time.
Not because i was so hooked and into it but rather because there was not much to read.
Its a thick book without any real content.
Lots of jokes about google, cunnilingus sites and haha, video games!

Its the equivalent of a popcorn movie, its shallow entertainment.
Read it if you really liked MICROSERFS or want to see how many times an author can set himself into a story as a character that is NOT the main protagonist.

It was pretty much the opposite of THE ROAD.
While The Road is dry and sparse but very effective,
JPOD is loud, dancing on your head while being on acid and not touching at all.

Splinter Cell for the PS2

Another thing i finished is splinter cell on the ps2.
Its not really the newest game but i wanted some stealth action and the MGS collection is not yet out in Europe.

This was not the first time I played as Sam Fisher, I tried it once on the PC (at a time it was new) liked it, but then ran into a graphic glitch that broke the game for me.
Seeing that it was only 3€ on Amazon was also nice in thinking what game to tackle next.

And it was a good run!
It took some hours to get used to the camera and I died ALOT but overall:
A good experience!

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