Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ze bat and some media

While THE DARK KNIGHT is breaking records in the US, its still a month away from starting in my little part of Europe.
Excitement got me still and so i drew a version of Gotham's first millionaire!

- watched DIARY OF THE DEAD and it was awful.
How awful? SO FUCKING AWFUL! I have a hard time really seeing this a an Romero movie.. it felt more as if his 16 year old son and his best friend made something while he was asleep on a porch.
Yes, i understand that some people might say its a very clever film because it makes you believe that its cheesy and stupid (and that this is meant as a commentary on our entertainment and information industry) but screw that.
Even commentary needs to be entertaining and well made!

- continuing with this trend in watching crap, i saw JUMPER!
Its Anakin doing some dimension jumping, making bored faces and he is joined by a pretty girl, Billy Elliot and Mace Windu.
I once wanted to read the book this pile of shit was based on, but not anymore.

- something great to end this post:

The KORG Ds 10 has arrived in my home and its everything i wanted and feared it to be.
Its very complex and has a steep learning curve but is also a full fledged synthesizer for a very small prize.

Highly recommend for anyone wanting to try out some electronic music making.

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