Friday, September 7, 2007

30 second relationsships

If there is a thing like a 30 second relationship, i must be one of its masters.
the one thing in common in nearly all of my days for the last years is that i´m having
30 second relationships throughout the day with allot of women.

we meet, we talk, we have a date, we break up (mostly because of me) and of course, its all in just in my head.

it happens while sitting in the train, while going shopping for food or in the gym.
i see a pretty and/or interesting woman, i try to imagine what kind of person she is.
what would she laugh about? what would be our first date? why would she be pissed at me?
how long could it last? what are her parents going to say? is she able to deal with my mostly dumb jokes?

this might be some kind of compensation for not having a real relationship in a while or i could be doing it because its fun to characterize people and how they would behave in certain situations.
in any way.. i had 4 relationships today and 3 of them lasted a while and went without any big trouble.
go figure.

- i finished season 2 of the WEST WING and season 3 is coming up
- i ordered a camera, this is going to be the first one i EVER owned
- bought a new moleskine and i´m not shure if i should unwrap it now
- this makes me puke on the inside

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