Thursday, October 16, 2008

Doodling a weird dream away

Had a weird dream last night.
I was swimming in the ocean and everyone in the water was eating ice cream while paddling.
I thought this was disgusting (in the dream and even now) because the water swept over their ice cream and because their ice con got turned soaking wet.
No one seemed to mind! Incredible.

Here are some drawings i did with open canvas that will never see somekind of "finish" or more time investment.
The last one is the same as in the post prior to this one, only without using photoshop magic.


RAWLS said...

Great doodles my friend! hahha...I love dreams where you actually get annoyed at whats going on, then wake up and are still annoyed!

andreas said...

thanks for your comment mr rawls =)

and im still a bit disgusted, seawater and icecream, THEY SHOULD NOT MINGLE!

Diantres said...

oh excellent drawings!, i'll check your entire blog. NOW.

Brandon said...

great monsters and stuff.