Friday, October 10, 2008

More Swag

More things i spend my money on:


After ALL STAR SUPERMAN the next Superhero Comic from DC that does not suck while staying true to the genre but without trying to be dark and serious.
Darwyn Cook is able to capture everything right about the Silver Age in his words and his pictures.
His style is fresh while looking kinda vintage and his storytelling is smooth, showing his experience and draftsmanship.
Yes, this is a lot of praise, but i really think that he made something unique and original that anyone could get into.


I also ordered "Rex Steele NAZI SMASHER" over at Bill Presing´s blog.
It arrived this week and has nice storys about smashing nazis, fluid lines
and Pin- ups by people like Ronnie del Carmen.


Not buying his second book when i had the chance ("sold out" now of course) is still one of the things that haunt me.
To not get that feeling again and because i wanted something nice to hang onto my wall, i bought the James Jean Postcard book.
Though i know most of the pictures inside, the production value is so high that i cant bring myself to rip out anything now.

Should you be after some well spent 7 minutes of Internet time or in search for something to watch while drinking coffee:

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