Thursday, November 6, 2008

a quantum of quick cuts

Saw QUANTUM OF SOLACE some hours ago and it was alright.
Yes, i´m afraid "just alright".
You will like it if you already liked Casino Royal or anything Bourne related.
If Casino Royal was not your cup of tea, then this one is even more not for you.
The movie is pretty much nothing but quick cuts of actions scenes and scrambling.
While Greengras and Martin Campbell are able to handle this without making it a confusing mess, Marc Foster is not.
The camera is always to close, its shakes to much.. its the movie that wants to be awesome and INTENSE but fails in evoking everything but a confusing headache.

See it if you´re a fan or want something very fast paced.
I for one, I´m looking forward to the next one and i hope they let Campbell back in the directors chair.
Oh, and thank god they did not go for this!

Took me a while to buy this, but this must be the best bargain IN THE WORLD!
1300 Pages for 26$!
Love the story, the characters and the inking.
One of the books that really can be read by anyone, at any age.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed watching Quantom Of Solace.
Yes, it ist not a typical Bond, James Bond, movie. But if you handle Casino Royal and QOS as ONE movie (and don't forget: those movies are a prequel!), it's a fantastic movie, and set the right path to the next 007 where we'll see a Bond we've expected.