Sunday, January 18, 2009

A friend, drugs and a great podcast

Done while watching UFC 93 (which was sadly kinda boring thanks to the "i´ll grind out a decision" thinking by some of the fighters)

Some sketches for a story that needs to be finished in TWO WEEKS!

AAAAAAAAAAND, should anyone out there wonder "what should i be listening to while working/traveling?", WONDER NOW MORE!
I recently started listening to KEITH AND THE GIRL and i´m very happy to say that they are awesome and funny.
Its basically them talking about stories they read or heard and sometimes they even have a guest.

They are also kinda dirty so don't listen to it if your easily offended and don't like hearing about (weird) sex stuff.
True story: I had to fake reading a book while listening to the podcast on my commute to not look like a complete weirdo. People staring into the air and laughing are not well liked by their seat neighbors!
If your unsure, go HERE and try Episode 873 or 878.

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Jens said...

ANDREAS IS EVEN AWESOMER, i linked you now link me back :D

seriously cool stuff here