Thursday, February 12, 2009

sketches and blogs. same old!

hei there!

some test images as i´m trying to find a "style" for the comics that won´t look "too digital".

I kinda re-found my love for drawing everything with the Wacom and the question is how to make it not look "cold".
As of now, a combination of half-tones, paper textures and the clean lines of a custom brush seem to make me happy.

And as always, some good things you should check out:

- the great RAWLS is drawing a comic!
- a 37-Minute Interview With Andrew Stanton (who directed Wall-E and Nemo)
- an awesome drawing of a wolf by williereal
- AND sketches from Vietnam by Edward Kwong


Brandon said...

some great shapes going on here.

RAWLS said...

Great shapes my friend... the trees and the kids head! Thanks for the advertising as well. I owe you one. In fact, I'm taking you up on the suggestion on the different Orange costumes! That'll be yer payment.