Sunday, March 15, 2009

Moleskine sketch, links and Murakami

I wanted to post interesting links so i had to scan something.
Its a bit sad that my scanner is the cheapest piece of plastic on earth, not able to scan a Moleskine page without making the slight yellow tint on the page look funky.
To battle this, i had to turn it into black and white. I hope its still a enjoyable sight!

But lets get down to it!
- Deforgeo makes a borderless comic
- Louis made stickers!
- incredible giraffes by Andrew Shek

Other than that, i started reading BLIND WILLOW, SLEEPING WOMAN by Mr.Murakami and i really like it so far. I felt a bit boring to buy ANOTHER Murakami novel but what the hell, his story's have never disappointed and i like the mood his words put me in.
I'm really thinking about doing some drawings based on my favorite books from him.


RAWLS said...

pui pui.

Don't worry, my scanner does the same thing. Maybe it's a glitch in the moleskin's molecular system?... definitely not our cheap scanners.

Brandon said...

Man I love this. Keep it up man.