Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quick and dirty comics

Had some fun this week and made comics about it.
Due to other things, these did not turn into something really shiny and great to look at (or into something with a real punchline), but i wanted to post them anyway.

This happend while trying to write at a starbucks:

This happend while trying to run at the park:
And this is for the german listeners only, i tried but failed to translate the joke:


Angelona said...

pahahahaha! Apfelringe! Da wär ich auch drauf reingefallen.

tek! said...

haha that appelrings one is funny

RAWLS said...

hahaha... you ran away from ducks!!
Don't worry... I think I've done it at least once myself.

Christian said...

As an eyewitness of the applering incident I'd like to point out: very well done mister! I'm glad you actually did make a comic out of it.

Erik Benson said...

Really great stuff man.