Tuesday, September 30, 2008

cool new moleskine, even cooler new gameboy

Not sure why it took me so long to try a Moleskine Watercolor Book, but its great so far!
The paper has a good feel, the mechanical pencil is not going into the paper (like it does on some other papers with tooth) and it takes a good amount of water without getting wrinkled and ugly.

Sitting in a cafe shop with a waterbrush, a small watercolor box and the new book is a good spend sunday afternoon.

- enjoying HARD BOILED WONDERLAND by Murakami and HOMICIDE by Simon

- Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the funniest TV Series at the moment

- Webcomics Weekly is good to listen too while drawing. The guys are funny and there is allot of good stuff to learn from them (especially when you´re a cartoonist)

- Some cool AND sexy people gave me a GAMEBOY MICRO yesterday, i cant wait to start playing some ports of SNES Games i never finished as a kid (i spent HOURS today searching for GBA games, they really got rare).


RAWLS said...

Hooray moleskin! Hooray good sketches! and Hooray new gameboy!!

Icha said...

Your last comment made me laught alone in front of my computer.
Nice gameboy by the way.

this remind me i hadn't had your blog in my brand new feed-reader. I've just discovered feed and i'm crazy about it. Yes, i know, i'm a few years late.

andreas said...

- hooray for mr.rawls!
i really think we kinda share the same google reader list, at least when i´m looking who was nice enough to comment in a blog.

- and speaking of google reader, icha, welcome to the nice world of feed reading.
i don't know how i would be able to survive in this large see of blogs without a reader. thank you for adding me!

Pendleton said...

Your monster globs are beautiful and inspiring!

-Pendleton Ward