Thursday, September 4, 2008


Not only a good Martial Arts movie but a great movie in general.
It takes its time, it displays a great care for the subject and it has a very likeable main character.
Highly recommended.


- N+, a pure plattformer, nothing but jumping and getting killed. Very short and fulfilling levels. Perfect for the DS.
To get an idea, here is the flash version!

SPIDERMAN 2, good mechanics, good use of the "GTA" open world style, had fun just swinging through New York. Did not finish the end fight though BECAUSE IT SUCKED!

- PSYCHONAUTS, good voice acting, has a nice weirdness and fun level design.
Stoped playing during a boss fight because of pretty much the same reasons as with Spiderman 2. -> dieing because of bad camera, no fun

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samuel rules said...

whoa!! this N+ game is incredible!! why have i never played it or heard of it?? Spiderman two was my favorite game for like nine month. it's the first game i've ever played to one hundred percent.