Thursday, September 18, 2008

sketchbook scraps and a cold

I spent the last days writing papers for university and getting a cold, not much fun at all!
Thats why there are no new drawings, just some scraps from the sketchbook.

I also saw EVERY Cutscene from THE FORCE UNLEASHED and its incredible how often the lightsaber-pop-out-sound is heard. Must be unbelievably fun to hit the switch.
Lightsaber out, lightsaber in, lightsaber out, lightsaber in.
God, i wish i had one :(

even mickey has one


samuel rules said...

whoa, that mickey toy is awesome. this great thing about the disney universe is when the characters look super angry like that!!

RAWLS said...

Yay for great sketches!!
Boo for crappy colds!
Hope yer feelin better man.. great sketches!

andreas said...

- imagine how cool donald could look as the emperor!

- thx rawls, feeling slighty better today!