Thursday, September 11, 2008

sketchbook page and something REALLY personal

random sketches
At the beginning of the year, i wrote in this blog that this year is going to be awesome and "special".
So far, it is.
Nothing major happened, i did not win the lottery and i´m still not able to ink for shit but.. i don't know.. i´m strangely alright with my life.

This really is the first time span since 2000 or so that i´m not constantly under heavy mood swings. Its the first time i really WANT to make comics. The first time i´m able to see myself doing my own comics. The first time that "what should i draw?" is not an issue.
I like working out, eating healthy and i´m often times asleep while the clock hits the 1am mark.

This might be due to my brain getting older and i´m constantly becoming more boring.
Might be because i´m rarely drinking anymore.
Or because the big 3 and his buddy 0 is slowly getting in sight.

But it feels good, something heavy that was laying on my head fell off and most of the "emo" thoughts are gone or at least are lot quieter.

So, i´m still in love with 2008!


Angelona said...

the big 3 and his buddy 0.

this is a nice post. keep that mood, old man!

Angelona said...


dintoons said...

whew surreal stuff! the middle one is scary... awesome the way a simple pencil sketch can evoke such deep emotions!! is this page part of a scary story/comic...?

andreas said...

- keeping the mood!
- liking your link!

- its just a doodle, it COULD turn out into a slightly sexual comic story though.
but that would be creepy and bad.
thx for your comment din!