Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Book report: THE GAME (Neil Strauss)

my take on THE GAME.
pencil sketch and bad overpaint

Another book i read recently is THE GAME by author Neil Strauss.
I think there was some forum post talking about and i thought "why not" and ordered it.
It took me only some days to finish it and i´m still not sure what to think of it.

Its basically an advice book.. only that its subject are women and its audience are men who don't know how to get women/ that don't know how to act around them.
I never really thought that i have a problem being "myself" around the females and it was strange to read all the difficulties one could have talking to women.

So again, its a book about geeks who try to get laid by doing the best thing in their arsenal and that is remembering lines and acting like someone else.
Its never about developing an interesting personality or trying to better yourself to attract someone.. its always about using different methods to gain attention (magic tricks, bumping into someone, ignoring the targeted female while talking to her best friend) and then to play the hustler.
Its geeks dressing up as weirdos with hats and smiling allot and making jokes they read on a forum.

There also is a rough storyline, the author Neil Strauss is talking the journey to become "THE ULTIMATE PICK-UP ARTIST" and we are able to read his adventures and thoughts.
He meets people who call them self MYSTERY and gets laid allot towards the end of the book.
All of this thanks to his lines, confidence and ability to read women.

The redeeming quality this book has, is the author himself. He knows what he is doing, he knows that he is doing something kinda wrong and he always writes about the doubts and failures of himself and his comrades.

And even though the tricks this books teaches you are mostly stupid and embarrassing, i still would recommend it to anyone.
I think there are some fundamental truths about relationships and women buried inside of these pages.. and these are topics were everyone wants to know more.

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