Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Movie report: "Mulholland drive" and others

I have watched allot of movies in the last couple of days.

- I once read that comedians, or people that make money by telling jokes, (be it drawings or while standing on a stage) are the saddest and most depressing folks to be around ( see also charles schulz OF ALL PEOPLE).
Watching "Comedian" made me realize that this seems to be very very true.

This may be due to the fact that standing on a stage and telling jokes is simply one of the hardest things one can do.
Your audience is going to "critic" you IMMEDIATELY by simply not laughing and that may be while having to perform for 30 more minutes in front of them.

If you do a gallery show, one painting just awesome and the rest OK.. everyone will talk about the great one.
This is especially true if your a known name.
Same goes for a music album. One hit single on an album is enough.
The rest of the tracks are alright to be mediocre.

But going up on a stage, telling one great joke and failing on the rest to live up to that will get you dragged offstage.

One of the performers in the movie said it the best:
"People always say to me "Your a funny guy!" until they hear that I make a living of it;
then its always "Well, not THAT funny".

- A movie about a huge crocodile, eating tourists in the Australian outback.
If your in the mood for a huge-animal-movie, rent it by all means.
Its not awful and is able to hold the suspense for the whole duration of the film.

- Still a good film, not destroyed by stupid people and hipster kids.

- More predictable and dramatized than i thought.
I expected it to be more "documentary" style than full fledged movie.
Watching THE WIRE and all the other works by David Simon has changed my perception on how to handle "true" stories in movies/TV.

- Not as good as i remembered.
Its also weird that i did not like the main guy this time around.
His decisions seemed weird and the girl story felt forced.
Still, good music, good all around mood.

- see comic above

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Antje said...

Schöne Schreibe... und so wahr!
Dein Gesicht auf Mullholland Drive mit den blauen Äuglein: haha :)