Tuesday, August 5, 2008

things to listen to

Time flies by at the moment, i don't really play as much as i want to, i don't draw the things i need to draw and i have many podcasts and movies that remain untouched.

Some of the stuff that is sticking out the most:

World War Z - Audio Book

I have written about the book before but after reading that the audio book enhances the story, i gave it another shot.
And its awesome.
All the problems i had with the written material (it has some boring scenes that don't contain plot or any merit) are non existent in audio form.
There are some famous/good voice actors here and it feels way more real and visceral then before.
Definitely worth checking out and its fun to draw while listening to it.

contains Juergen Prochnow, Mark Hamill AND Henry Rollins

- ERRORS, a great mixture of electronic and post-rock sounds (not a real video, but it gives a good idea of their music)

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